"This isn't like any mission I've faced before... Heck, I'd rather take on a load of infected than suffer through this. Earth isn't ready for what they have to face, and neither am I. I don't think survival is possible here... I really think it's the end."
―Chris Redfield

An Internal Evil is a storyline created by 900bv. It is the first game in a saga of storylines known as The Fractured Multiverse. It follows the earths demise as the barriers seperating the seperate universes are opened, and humanity are stuggling to survive. The Resident Evil universe is considered to be the earthverse of the story, although it's slightly altered to fit with the story. The saga isn't concurrent to any other stories created by the author. The storylines, and sagas, primary inspiration is A Universe Splintered.


Inclusi Occulta

Inclusi Occulta
Inclusi Occulta (Latin: Enclosed Secrets) is the first map in the storyline. Set on the Queen Zenobia, it follows Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat as they try to survive as the ship is being destroyed by the Ooze. All the while, reality as we know it is slowly fracturing, bringing more danger to the group than a sinking ship.


Sangre Retiro

Sangre Retiro is set to be the second map in the storyline.

Cosmic Threat

Cosmic Threat is set to be the third map in the storyline.


Không is set to be the fourth map in the storyline.

Dysfunctional Reality

Dysfunctional Reality is set to be the fifth map in the storyline.


Vivere is set to be the sixth map in the storyline.

An Internal Evil
Maps Inclusi OccultaSangre RetiroCosmic ThreatKhôngDysfunctional RealityVivere
Characters Chris RedfieldJill ValentineParker LucianiJessica Sherawat
Desmond MilesBill MilesShaun HastingsRebecca Crane
Duke NukemPhil GravesMary HolsomKate Holsom
Leon S. KennedyClaire RedfieldElijah NguyenQuân Bảo
Red HoodThe JokerHarley QuinnHush
Corvo AttanoDaudDamienQuintus
Utilities Sound-Emitting System
Enemies Ooze
Wonder Weapons N/A
Perk-A-Cola's N/A
Power-Ups N/A
Major Easter Eggs N/A
Minor Easter Eggs N/A
Musical Easter Eggs N/A
Quotes Inclusi OccultaSangre RetiroCosmic ThreatKhôngDysfunctional RealityThe Vivere
Radios Inclusi OccultaSangre RetiroCosmic ThreatKhôngDysfunctional RealityVivere
Weapons (Punched)

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