Don't shop 'til you drop, shoot 'til the zombies drop.
Vital statistics
Prev Level The Fourth Act
Next Level Hidden Shadows
Created By EternalBlaze and Interceptor7
Creation Date 4/8/12
Characters Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Caprice, Edward Richtofen
Enemies Zombies, Tak Zombie, Alternate Richtofen
Location Paris, France
Date Present Day 2012

Aidez-Moi (Help Me in French) is the eleventh installment in the Deathwish storyline by EternalBlaze and Interceptor7.



Aidez-Moi takes place in the Les Quatres Temps Shopping Mall in Paris, France.

Beginning Cutscene

For the beginning cutscene's transcript, go here.

Map Layout

The map layout can be found here.

New Enemies

A new boss will appear in this map, known as Alternate Richtofen. He appeared in Neurosis when Richtofen was trying to release his inner demon. Now that Richtofen has successfully taken Alternate Richtofen out, the insane spirit is thirsty for revenge on his former host.

New Perks

New Wonder Weapon


  • Hardcore Shopper (10G) - Wear attire from at least every store on the first floor.
  • Honorable (5G) - Jump.
  • Devoted (5G) - Play all musical easter eggs. Twice.

Musical Easter Eggs

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