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The AUG is an Austrian assualt rifle that is available in all canon maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops.
Steyr aug


The AUG is obtainable from the Mystery Box, Console Commands, and the wall for 1200 points (Wii Only). It possesses a Swarovski Scope, high power, high recoil, moderate accuracy, and an especially high rate of fire. Because of this, the AUG can sometimes be inaccurate when it comes to firing full-auto, or just with the fire button all the way down. However, this can be countered by firing at a slower rate, or by getting closer to the zombies. It is best to go for headshots, despite its relatively high ammunition count, to get the weapon's maximum effectiveness.

It is very lightwieght, making it a good weapon for maps where you need to run fast.

Pack-a-Punched Variant

The Pack-a-Punched AUG becomes the "AUG_50M3," gaining a colored lens, a Masterkey shotgun, more ammo, and more power. The AUG becomes especially effective during this time, as its high power is great for clearing large groups of zombies and its Masterkey is amazing in close quarters. However, the player should use the Masterkey before round 16, where it loses its one hit kill ability at medium range, and 17, where it loses its one hit kill ability in general. However, the AUG itself is a great gun to use, but its high recoil is one of the major flaws. To counter this and to conserve ammo, the player should fire at a slower rate and go for headshots.


  • The AUG's Pack-a-Punched name, "AUG_50M3", is a play on of the word "AWESOME".
  • The Pack-a-Punched Masterkey reloads two shells at a time like the Raid, the Pack-a-Punched Stakeout.
  • The AUG for the Wii is only available off the wall.
  • it may be the only Austrian weapon in Zombies.

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