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The AK-47 is a Russian assault rifle appearing in Black Ops Zombies for the Nintendo DS, as well as some non-canon maps. It can be used in the console and PC versions of Black Ops through hacking. It is also on Black Ops II on Mob of the Dead exclusivley.


The AK-47 appears regularly for the DS version of Black Ops Zombies. On the PC and consoles, the AK-47 is not a great weapon to use, when compared to the other weapons. It has no firing sound, and becomes useless in the early rounds, as its damage is comparable to that of the M1911.In Black Ops II it is a very strong weapon to have.

Pack-a-Punched Variant

The Pack-a-Punched AK-47 becomes the "Reznovs Revenge."


In Call of Duty Black Ops II, the AK-47's Pack-a-Punched name is a refrence to Viktor Reznov From Call of Duty:World At War and Call of Duty Black Ops

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