"Five" is the second zombie map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops in addition to Kino der Toten and Dead Ops Arcade.



It is the first map to be taken place entirely in America, in this case, the pentagon, and is thought to have been based off the Campaign, almost to the point where most of the levels are basically repurposed from the campaign with little to no changes in them whatsoever.

The level also features only three floors; the spawning room (which has six barriers instead of four), the war room and the laboratories, as well as a fully-functional teleporter that is key to moving around the map. However unlike Kino Der Toten, zombies can also use the teleporters and the rooms are cramped and rather small, requring the player to use the teleporters and/or the elevator just to escape being swarmed by zombies.

There are two new features in this map; one is called the Death Machine, a Power-Up that summons a powerful minigun for about thirty seconds, even being featured in future zombie maps and even some non-canon ones. The other is a new wonder weapon known as the Winter's Howl. It is a revolver-style pistol that shoots blasts of ice that freezes zombies, encasing them in fragile ice blocks so that the player can kill them easier. Unlike the Death Machine, this weapon was only featured in this map and on the Prestige Edition of Verrückt.


It is also the first level to feature another enemy besides the Zombies and Gas Zombies; the Pentagon Thief, a boss that comes every four-five rounds (only when the power is turned on) to take one of the player's weapons.

The Hellhounds were supposed to have been featured in this map, but were cut from the game's content at the last minute.


  • Arguably, it is thought that this map takes place around the same time as Ascension via three red telephones.
  • Not counting the World at War version of Nacht der Untoten, "Five" is the first map to not have the original characters, and the first to feature characters from the regular campaign/real life.
  • It is also the first map to have a rap song as an easter egg instead of the Kevin Sherwood 'rock' songs most maps usually have, almost as if the game itself takes on a different.
  • Coincidentally, this map also marks the appearance of the fitfh wonder weapon, called the Winter's Howl.

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